Wednesday, February 22, 2006

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Thursday, September 08, 2005

babe magnet or sporty grocery getter?

as i approach midlife (if i'm not already there)...i'm starting to recognize some predictable feelings that are beginning to creep into my head. women have their biological clocks with regards to children and with men, it's the desire to drive a sports car. i'm sure you've looked over at a traffic light and there is a guy with grey hair (if any left at all) sitting next to you in a red corvette/porche looking like he is all "that and a bag of chips". so i now feel these desires and need to find an outlet to help me satisfy them. a few months ago, my brother tennis (not his real name) contacted me to let me know that there was a loaded V70 available for a steal. we had always talked about getting one, but had always held off due to the cost. i felt that the planets were all aligned and the time was right, so we bought it.

so if you're passing through arridzona and see some guy next to you in a blue V70 rocking out to fleetwood mac...looking like he owns the world. just give a nod and make him feel good for even that one brief moment.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

work in progress

the gates family of arridzona is happy to announce that their suspicions have been confirmed to reveal that there is a very small person growing within maria. what may have been initially thought of as a lengthy case of indigestion, has now indeed (through the miracle of ultrasound) been verified as pregnancy which will result in a birth on or about march 17, 2006. colette was quoted as saying, "i'll still be the matter what." alex and aria could not be reached for comment as they were "out riding bikes." cassidy (currently beginning junior high school) took time out to say that, "i'm still the oldest and nothing can happen to change that...can it?" maria is holding up well and bill is doing his best to keep up with maria...gaining pound for pound with his wife.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

parenting 101

last night around midnight, i was awakened by our little angel colette. she was in her bed...unhappy about something and willing to tell anyone that would listen at that hour. so i got out of bed and asked her what the problem was (innocent mistake #1). now she is quite the little chatter box, but at times it seems that she is taking vocabulary lessons from buckwheat. she said, "daddy...i wanna drink. pleeease..." now the drink at night thing is new...but i'm willing to go along. lately...once she has exhausted every known diversion to prevent her from getting into bed...she finally surrenders and of course the first thing she asks for is a drink. a little control on her part...but viewed as a small victory on mine. but now it's the middle of the night...she must really be thirsty. any good parent would come to the aide of their child in need. so i stumble into the kitchen and get her a glass of juice (mind you water won't do..."juzzz daddy") and take it to her bed. she takes one small sip and hands it back to me. not as thirsty as i may have thought...hmmm. i start to tuck her back in and she says, "daddyivanoshnonmyutt." this is a new one...and i don't have a clue. "what honey?" "daddyivanoshnonmybutt." again...given the hour...i think i hear the words "daddy" and "butt." not sure...when all else fails just say, "ok sweetie...night" i turn to leave the room and i hear, "daaaaaddy...i vanoshnonmybutt!" and she starts to cry. crap...almost out the door...but no. so back to her bed (mistake #2), i pick her up (thinking if i get her mouth close to my face i'll either be able to hear her better or i may be able to read her lips in the dark) "daddy can't understand you honey." "iwanoshnonmybutt daddy" "you want lotion on your butt?" "yes" the fog has cleared...we've communicated. no problem...walk over to the dresser and where's the was right here. i now remember that we had aria straighten the room over the i turn on the would not be good. so i head back into our bedroom to find oshn for her butt. i grab one of maria's designer oshns from our counter (mind you...there was a tube of "icy hot" sitting on there also and just for a i head back into her room apply the oshn...tuck her back in and try now to make a run for it back to bed and..."iwannaseepindaddysbed." it's just a matter of time (given the hour) that they just wear you's all over. luckily she didn't say, "daddy i want the keys to the car and one of your credit cards." from's simple. i pick her up put her in our bed (big mistake #3) and i go sleep in the guest room. mission accomplished under half an be the judge.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

hi ho silver...over the jump...pleeease Posted by Picasa

had to climb our tree to get away from the boys...she's safe...i chased them away with my shotgun Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

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bed and breakfast in france...possibly the beginning of the colette project (just kidding russell) Posted by Picasa

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first day of school...he may be ready for school, but is the school ready for him? Posted by Picasa

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