Thursday, September 08, 2005

babe magnet or sporty grocery getter?

as i approach midlife (if i'm not already there)...i'm starting to recognize some predictable feelings that are beginning to creep into my head. women have their biological clocks with regards to children and with men, it's the desire to drive a sports car. i'm sure you've looked over at a traffic light and there is a guy with grey hair (if any left at all) sitting next to you in a red corvette/porche looking like he is all "that and a bag of chips". so i now feel these desires and need to find an outlet to help me satisfy them. a few months ago, my brother tennis (not his real name) contacted me to let me know that there was a loaded V70 available for a steal. we had always talked about getting one, but had always held off due to the cost. i felt that the planets were all aligned and the time was right, so we bought it.

so if you're passing through arridzona and see some guy next to you in a blue V70 rocking out to fleetwood mac...looking like he owns the world. just give a nod and make him feel good for even that one brief moment.


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